• sandi_lisotto

    Sandra Lisotto, Verona, PA Because of a routine x-ray with my chiropractor, I found out I had Stage IV lung cancer. I had never even been sick. I quickly met with a UPMC pulmonologist who confirmed my diagnosis. My transition to UPMC CancerCenter at UPMC St. Margaret was seamless. It meant the world to me to get the care I needed close to home. My oncologist, Dr. Mark Georgiadis, was so thorough that he found lesions in my brain during a precautionary scan. I was treated for the lesions and then the nodules in my lungs. I can't thank the team of doctors enough for their in-depth approach and kindness. I am truly grateful.

  • Costello Christmas 2012

    Beth Costello, Pittsburgh My husband, Mark, is a 34-year-old non- smoker. In July 2011, he developed a dry cough. For months, we tried to diagnose his illness. On March 29, 2012, a biopsy was done and lung cancer was diagnosed. We were transported to UPMC Presbyterian. We relied on our medical team, Dr. Levy and Dr. Villaruz, who treated Mark aggressively because of his age and overall good health. In May, shortly after the birth of our first child, Mark began a clinical trial. After two cycles, the primary tumor shrunk 50 percent and the lymph nodes on the right side resolved. He continued chemotherapy until March 2013. They proposed surgery as a next step, though not many stage IV patients are offered surgery, so Mark underwent a thoracotomy. Afterwards, a chemo infusion was circulated on the right side of his chest. Mark is healing nicely and we are enjoying every day with our little boy, Mark Jr

  • katonik

    George Katonik, Pittsburgh After test results showed my PSA was high, I was referred to urologist Dr. Sergio Giancola. He suggested a biopsy, which unfortunately showed prostate cancer. Later, he referred me to a radiation oncologist who, in the interim, left before my treatments were to start. I met with Kelly, the manager at UPMC CancerCenter Radiation Oncology at UPMC Northwest, and she reassured me that I was in good hands with Dr. Joseph Wang – and I was. My treatment included neoadjuvant androgen deprivation therapy and pelvic radiation therapy. The staff told me what to expect before, during, and after treatment, provided reading materials, and answered any of my questions throughout the entire process. I couldn't wait for treatment to be over, but later, I missed seeing the great staff. They made everything as pain free as possible – they became family.

  • Adam Gallagher Army (2) cropped

    Adam Gallagher, Pittsburgh After I received an honorable discharge from the Army, I went to a doctor because of a cramp in my side that had been bothering me for months. What I thought would be a gallbladder issue, like the majority of my family had, turned out to be colon cancer. I was referred to Dr. James Lee at Hillman Cancer Center, and he confirmed the diagnosis through a biopsy and colonoscopy. With the support of my family, friends, and doctors, we didn't waste any time, and the staff scheduled surgery and chemotherapy the next week. Following treatment, my platelets were not recovering well. Surgical oncologist, Dr. Herbert Zeh, removed my spleen and gallbladder, performed a liver and colon resection, and placed a chemotherapy pump in my liver. Now I am recovering and my prognosis is promising. I try to control what I can, and let the doctors do what they do best.